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Bootcamp 2.0

Bootcamp simulates real work company setup and focus on hands-on approach and assistance. In Bootcamps, we emphasize on problem solving and application instead of memorizing content.

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Recruitment Services

Finding talent at the right time is always a challenge for organizations, As a recruitment service provider, we have single point agenda to help you source, filter, assess & help recruit the most appropriate candidate.

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Software Development Services

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are ready to assist you at every stage of software development life cycle — from conceptualization and consulting to development and support.

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Workshops & Online Events

An instructor led session conducted with the objective of training participants on a wide array of subjects varying from technology to soft skills. Focus is on real learning by, hands on exercise and participation.

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Complementary Team

The VNurt complementary team closely works with the in-house Client team to deliver work. It is a continuous engagement with very little upfront liability and offers flexibility. Execution happens as per scrum.

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Internship and Placement

Provides Internship and Placement assistance to the students through our collaboration with corporates. We also help students get the Internship and Placements through our direct network.

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Client Testimonials

About us

Friends for many years and now part of one team that is passionate about the idea of revolutionizing the way education is imparted today. All together we have more than 60 years of rich experience in IT and Education field.

We want to integrate technology in education sector in a way that we are able to bridge the gap between the needs and means available to students. This will also help to prepare better and more employable workforce for industry.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles for our team are:

  • Provide equal learning opportunities by optimizing available resources
  • Using technology as enabler for bridging existing gaps in education industry
  • Passion to always deliver solutions with quality focus
  • what you need is you what you get
  • Be an agent of change to make world class technology and tools accessible to our students.

About us


CO Founder

An IIM Bangalore Alumni who is passionate about entrepreneurship and whatever he does. Loves to talk about new ideas and a marketer by choice. Playing all the possible roles (changing hats) required every day to take VNurt to the next level.


CO Founder

A product person, works to strike an optimum balance between product, people and processes. Passionate entrepreneur, responsible for strategic direction, execution of decisions, building partnerships and strategic alliances.

Our Vision

At VNURT we continually endeavor to bridge gaps between educational practices and industry requirements using technology as enabler.

Our Mission

To create equal learning and development opportunities for all students by creating a collaborative engagement of academia and industry.

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